Entrepreneurs Stay Alive Series

Most of us would deem the services we usually head to Miss Salon London for as ‘essential’. However, during the lockdown, the regulations do not agree . So then, how are the entrepreneurs behind this business that suddenly saw a revenue drop of 80-90% processing all of this? Andile Khumalo spoke the founders, Ego Iwegbu, to find out. #EntrepreneursStayAlive

With the 21-day lockdown, many events and festivals, here in our country and around the world, continue to be cancelled or postponed indefinitely. These cancellations have had a negative knock-on effect on all the roleplayers of the events supply chain. Find out how Sibu Mabena is positively leading her business and her team through all of this. #EntrepreneursStayAlive

As the country prepares to enter 21-days of lock-down, freelancers everywhere are free-falling. We spoke to DJ & Property Entrepreneur, Euphonik, who shared his thoughts about the need to review & reduce expenses and how you could be proactive about building your career during this time. #EntrepreneursStayAlive



The restaurant industry has just received further clarification from government that ALL their operations whether sit-down or take away must shut down come midnight on Thursday, 26 March 2020. Whilst these are necessary measures to “flatten the curve” on COVID-19, it does have very real & dire consequences for restauranteers. How does the restauranteur respond to this? What about staff? What about rent? What about the loan repayments? Andile Khumalo got to chat to Wendy Alberts, the CEO at the Restaurants Association of South Africa (RASA). #EntrepreneursStayAlive