Being an entrepreneur can often feel like a one man sport, but the best way to win in a competitive market is to surround yourself with a strong team. Here are 6 ways to choose your team correctly.

  1. Choose like- minded people

The kind of people you choose to join your business will always have a big impact on your your company culture, your client relationships and eventually on your bottom line. When people begrudgingly clock into a company this will come through in what you produce and how clients experience your business. You want to make sure that the people on your team have the same vision you do because that will make them go the extra mile.

For many people life is already hard enough, when you have a job merely as a way to pay your bills you will only be dedicated to doing just enough to continue to get that paycheck. On the other hand, if you really believe in what you are doing you will always put in that much more. If you sell vegan products, hire a vegan. If you sell cars, employ someone who loves cars.

  1. Start small

Often when businesses start, they need to hire staff and do it quickly. This often means you don’t have time to get the best people. While this might seem like a good fix it will most likely cost you. Start by hiring a core team and making sure each of them are the exact right fit for your business. Once you have done that you can build out your workforce and have your core team mentor newcomers on how you do things. This kind of thinking is critical if you want employees that are real team players.

  1. Sell yourself

In the interview process, employers often act as though applicants are simply lucky to have the opportunity to work for them. This is fine if you are trying to attract any average person, but if you want the best employees you also need to sell yourself. Tell them the things that make your business unique – that aren’t on your company website. Also sell who you are as a person, what inspires you to wake up every morning and do exactly what you do. If your team believes in your business, and in you as a leader they will go to war for you every single day.

  1. Show your hand

Many employers aren’t completely forthcoming when meeting potential employees. Don’t pretend to have an open door policy when you know you are barely ever in the office. Rather be completely upfront about what kind of business you are building and let them decide for themselves if it’s a good fit or not. Holding out will only make your employees resent you once they figure out it was a rouse. Trust what you are building and that you will get the kind of people who are the right fit.

  1. Trust your gut

Often someone may seem great on paper but doesn’t seem exactly right – trust the no. The reason people often second-guess themselves is because they can’t quite pinpoint the reason something feels wrong but that isn’t important. As a business person you should know if there is something off about a potential hire, rather take the time to wait until you find someone you are sure about.

  1. Do your research

One of the key elements to choosing the right team is about doing your due diligence, yes call their references and check their social media pages but really try to get to know the person. Maybe this means taking them to a meal and just chatting, as opposed to a formal second interview. Reconsider what the hiring process looks like and focus on really unearthing each hire.

When it comes to finding a great team, its about the audacity to create your own rules when it comes to hiring, and making sure you get it just right (for you).