IAAE Workshop: Bloemfontein 2014

The very popular workshop series then known as MyStartup, has visited Bloemfontein more than once.
This time on the 3rd of May in 2014 and we took one the Free State’s most successful entertainment entrepreneurs, David Kau with us.

Leading South African comedian David Kau’s name is synonymous with many firsts. The Kroonstad-born comic began his career as the first black stand-up comedian in the 1998 Smirnoff Comedy Festival in Cape Town. The only black person on stage out of 44 comics.

“I’d never had experience in stand-up comedy,” recalls David, “the first comedy show I ever saw was the first one I was in.”

MyStartUp and Powerof1 founders, Andile Khumalo and Bonnke Shipalana also shared insights about the need for entrepreneurs to have a clear sense of purpose in order to find and pursue their passion; as well as practical ways to deal with challenges encountered by emerging entrepreneurs as they establish and grow their businesses.

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