I AM AN ENTREPRENEUR was recently appointed to manage the Supplier Development Programme for Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa (CCBSA). The aim of the programme is to assist CCBSA’s suppliers to improve and grow their businesses and will consist of the three elements below:

As they scale, most entrepreneurs need guidance & support from those who have done it before. IAAE will match suppliers with professionals & entrepreneurs with the appropriate skills & experience to serve as Members of their Advisory Boards. 

This is a 2-day Programme which consists of Educational, Skills Development and Business Leadership content. The intention is to impart business management and leadership skills that entrepreneurs can immediately implement in their businesses.

Most entrepreneurs do not have the time to attend long educational courses, BUT they are hungry to improve their skills in various disciplines. IAAE has established short-courses that are focused on developing ONE key discipline at a time.

Negotiation Skills

This programme focuses on Behaviour / Mechanics of negotiation and targets negotiators with  0 - 5 years’ experience and covers essential fundamentals of negotiation.

Sales Skills

Sales Fundamentals Course : Independent and in-depth research proves that successful sales teams get the basics right; including having the right attitude, non-stop and unquestionable activity ratios and sound sales skills. The three main areas of development in this course are: Mind-set, Activity and Basic Sales Skills.

Sales Management Course : The majority of business leaders have never been trained on the practical skills on how to become successful coaches. This in turn leads to many on-going management challenges such as, high staff turnover, failure to achieve monthly targets, disengaged staff, low team morale and a negative sales culture.

Financial Management & Tax

The Basic Course provides a basic understanding of financial management and taxation principles required by all entrepreneurs to make better decisions. We showcase affordable accounting software that allows for easy maintenance of accurate financial records & tax compliance.

The Advanced Course provides a detailed understanding of more complex finance principles. In this course we introduce principles of corporate finance, valuation, debt vs equity funding, mergers and acquisitions and forecasting.