Replay Summit: Taking Your Business Digital

I AM AN ENTREPRENEUR summits, in association with FNB, made a return this July. The summit’s digital debut was themed ‘Taking Your Business Digital’.  If you missed it, you can watch the full summit here: 

With over 500 attendees, some streaming from as far as the UK, in a grand first for the country, and possibly the continent, I AM AN ENTREPRENEUR made use of reverse billing technology to allow those without data to stream an entire webinar completely data free! Thanks to our partners, IAAE was able to foot the bill of all the data charges for over 200 attendees. 

“This is something we were very proud to achieve. The high cost of data in our country is no secret, and for us to be able to give entrepreneurs access to critical information despite the barrier of data costs truly speaks to our mission to help small and medium-sized business owners to grow” said Andile Khumalo, founder of I AM AN ENTREPRENEUR.  

As a wonderful surprise for all who joined,  Lita Currie, from 3Stickmen, created drawings for each speaker’s session, bringing their words to life. These unique summaries are below for you to download.

Musa Kalenga, co-founder and CEO of Bridge Labs, used Mike Tyson’s “everyone has a plan, until they get punched in the face” to relate how many entrepreneurs felt when the country went into lockdown. He shared his thoughts on four steps entrepreneurs need to take in order to recover: stabilize, assess, pivot and grow.

The awesome team from Google, Basetsana Motsapi and Sashin Pillay, showed how Google can play an important part in your business, through ‘Google My Business’ and ‘Google Ads’.

Neo, an attendee, commented: “Google is one of those in plain sight tools. I had no idea it could do so much!” 

Lastly, Andile was joined in conversation by the Guest Entrepreneur for the day, Donald Valoyi. Donald is one-half of the genius behind Zulzi, the grocery delivery app.

Valoyi shared how his digital business started small and slow and that the turning point was an unexpected post from a customer on Facebook. The next morning, he had so many orders, he had a week to get more drivers and people to work with him, to get the deliveries done on time.

Donald’s experience taught him that as an entrepreneur, “…one should not take too long to design your product, it doesn’t have to be perfect, it just needs to work. The customers will help you perfect your product through their input.” He added: “…focus on your products and service excellence, don’t worry about the competition.”

We look forward to hosting you at the next #IAAEDigitalSummit on Saturday, 15 August, 10:00 – 11:30. To register for the DATA FREE stream, click below.